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The design team and technology we use are industry leading. We are regularly updating our software, computer hardware as well as our manufacturing technology to grow more accurate and efficient. Our designers can produce highly advanced construction solutions and custom trusses to suit any building project. The staff members we have on our design team have a combined 160 years of experience in the truss industry.


Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our facility or what we can offer your project. Estimates are free at Timberfield Roof Truss, and we can provide timely answers to any inquiry you may have.


The designers at Timberfield Roof Truss work diligently on each project utilizing industry leading software to ensure each truss is designed with the highest attention to detail. The state of the art equipment doesn't stop in the design phase. Our facility boasts saws that provide maximum cutting range and increased speed and accuracy. At Timberfield Roof Truss, we use laser projected layouts in the manufacturing process to ensure each truss is built with accuracy and efficiency. The site package delivered with your roof truss system provide the necessary details  to ensure your installation will be a breeze. 




Designed with contractors and homeowners in mind. We craft our floor trusses for their serviceability, allowing for increased spans and easy concealment of all mechanical services. Timberfield's floor trusses are built with the same precision quality as any roof truss system we produce. We have a custom floor truss facility on site to manufacture custom designed floor trusses for any building project. 

The floor truss designs that we produce provide added strength in construction projects where typical floor systems need to be upgraded. We can custom design floor trusses to any configuration needed to handle either residential or commercial applications. We strive to give the contractors we work with the tools they need for accuracy and ease with the installation of our flooring systems. 




Many years of framing experience have given Timberfield Roof Truss an edge when it comes to designing and building wall panels. Computer-aided design coupled with framing experience make the builder’s job as easy as it gets.


In addition to plated floor trusses, Timberfield Roof Truss also engineers and supplies floor systems using I-joists and LVL beams. Consider Timberfield Roof Truss for the complete package of floor system, wall panels and roof trusses.

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