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Timberfield Roof Truss is a leading building components manufacturer based in Ontario, Canada. From our convenient location, we are able to work with contracting professionals across Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, and New York. We are a tight-knit group of manufacturing and design professionals. Our company has been in business since 1976.

We strongly believe in offering excellence with customer service, well-trained staff, precision technology, and quick turnaround times. From our sales department, to design, to our expert assembly crews on the floor, we offer excellent training. Many of our sales team have a background in design ensuring that they can deliver timely answers during the quoting process. The foundation of Timberfield Roof Truss was built from our extensive framing background which allows us to deliver exceptional products made for accurate results on any job site.




The design team and technology we use are industry leading. We are regularly updating our software, computer hardware as well as our manufacturing technology to grow more accurate and efficient. Our designers can produce highly advanced construction solutions and custom trusses to suit any building project. The staff members we have on our design team have a combined 160 years of experience in the truss industry.




Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our facility or what we can offer your project. Estimates are free at Timberfield Truss, and we can provide timely answers to any inquiry you may have.


Our safety standards and quality are unmatched with proven processes that have been established over 40+ years in business. To maintain our high quality, we have utilized Truss Plate Institute's third party quality assurance inspections for our quality control since 2007. As a member of The Wood Truss Council of America and the SBC Association we are part of a community of industry leaders and bound to a standard of excellence.

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